Gallery 4

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  • Three ginger jars
  • 02 White Anemones and Blue Bird 20cm x 20cm copy
  • 03 Melons and Lemons 100cm x 120cm copy
  • 04 Anemones and Pears 70cm x 80cm copy
  • 05 Artichokes and Tulips 46cm x 76cm copy
  • 06 Blue Still Life 61cm x71cm copy
  • 07 Artichokes in White Jug on yellow 72cm x 102cm copy
  • 08 Lilies, Lemons and Plums 61cm x 76cm copy
  • 09 Calla Lillies, Fruit and Shell 80cm x 100cm copy
  • 10 Plums and Greengages 51cm x 25cm copy
  • Calla Lilies and Figs
  • 12 Two Jugs, Orchid and Fish 80cm x 100cm copy